Sleep Bath Flakes
Sleep Bath Flakes
Sleep Bath Flakes

Sleep Bath Flakes

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Sit back and relax in a nice warm bath enchanted by our magnesium bath flakes. Magnesium salts have been shown to increase skin hydration, speed healing process, and decrease inflammation. Once dissolved in your warm bath water, our magnesium chloride bath flakes provide you with a cell-restoring spa worthy treatment. 

The aroma of Lavender essential oil allows you to fully unwind and relax after a long day. You will almost forget your in your bathtub and not at a 5 star spa. 

How to use

Pour 1-2 TBSP of flakes into warm bath water. Soak for 15-30 minutes 

 Ingredients We Love

Magnesium bath flakes are a form of transdermal magnesium, a method of mineral supplementation designed to deliver magnesium through the skin for rapid absorption into the cells. They are best used for: 

  • Ideal for individuals with sensitive skin, as well as children
  • Great for reducing stress and relaxation
  • Soothing for achy muscles and joints
  • Healing for skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema


Lavender Essentail Oil is calming and soothe your mind, kill bacteria, and reduce redness