Overnight Facial Oil

Overnight Facial Oil

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Put tired, dry, and dull skin to rest with  Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil.

This fearless facial oil works through the night to moisturize, plump, soften, and smooth uneven skin tone with a powerful combination of jojoba and sunflower oils.

Ginseng and papaya help fuel skin cell turnover, while grapeseed oil delivers a firming collagen boost. With these ingredients working overtime — along with a calming lavender scent — you're in fora peaceful and rejuvenating beauty sleep!

Directions: Warm up a dime-sized amount in yourpalms, then gently press into cleansed face and neck before bedtime. Allow the scent of lavender to whisk you off to slumberland. Wake up with smooth, plump, and refined skin. Use nightly.