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Amber has a truly special aroma for those who favor earthy scents. It is resinous, warm and smoky with a light undertone of floral citrus. Our Amber is all natural and pure! It is a great base if you like to combine fragrance oils, and pairs well with geranium, pine, spruce, cedarwood, myrrh, galbanum, frankincense, cypress, clove, aniseed, lemon, orange, cistus, rose absolute, and benzoin.


 Our fragrance oils are made with 100% Phthalate Free fragrances oils. 

Customize your unique scent by choosing your carrier oil. 

Each fragrance roller is hand poured in house and will outlast any other on the market! Apply on your bodies heat areas ( behind the knees, neck, inner elbow, and breast bone) to fully experience the lasting aroma of our oils. A little bit will go a long way.