Our Philosophy



At Wash + Willow we know what you put on your skin goes deeper than the surface. We believe quality natural ingredients give you an alternative solution to hazardous products out there today. We are passionate about quality, results, and satisfaction. 

Our mission is to cultivate a space in the alternative beauty industry for community and connection, where we deliver natural and effective alternatives to traditional products. 


Our vision is to cultivate and bond a community of educated, confident, and free spirited individuals who feel comfortable in their skin, their choices, and their future.


Quality- our products are made with high quality natural ingredients. We will never compromise the integrity of our products, because we only want the best for your skin!

Integrity- We consider ourselves a consciously clean + green company. Our ethics, products, services, passion, and customers drive every aspect of who we have grown into today. 

Transparency- Trust is an important piece of the self-love journey. With Wash + Willow what you see is what you get. We believe every great relationship begins with trust and honesty. 

Efficacy- Our products deliver real result using real ingredients. We stand behind our products and the ingredients we use.

Individuality- Everyone is different, everyone's skin is unique, that is why we have created customized products in our scent and bath salt bar. We say embrace your individuality and let your flag fly high!!

Create- Every product we make goes through our intensive creative process. We love formulation unique products with natural alternative ingredients that produce amazingly awesome results.